from Jerusalem by Jakob Stein





Footsteps, birthpangs


yeast in the soul, whole

worlds in shreds


Gog víMagog then

Eliyahu ha-Navi


ben Yosef ben Dovid


but first empty tefillin

one more chaos to come






Herding her deadstock

little lost thoughts


shellshard, klippos, whole

world of shards


what light is lent me






A man stands.  A man cannot stand

in the landscape around him.  Light escapes him


loss is his name    & the fullness thereof


ludicrous loss

undersong of our language


In the end build a name there, home

perfect in ruin


sounding the Name






Conceal me in Your tentís



even Your hiddenness hidden


all but Your hiddenness

hidden from me






Tikkun chatzos


midnight north-wind

sings thru the harp


hung over the bed so they rise

for the hour the heart poured out


till nothing left


thrown then & thrown

again & again


endworld to endworld


then again thrown






Small psalms fill the mouth

& the one


breath stopped

that would have pushed them out






Vaporous certainties

eyes in a box


icons, idols

disciples of screens


the becoming-machine of Edom


no-road to no-throne






Two doors to two chambers     now

spin them     now install seven more


sevenfold interopening








Innermore Even-stone

holds the whole singularity


earth blooms around it


first circle clarity second

dimmer third nearly opaque





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