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About This Site

This site is intended to supplement the print edition of The Deronda Review.

Content of the paper and electronic journals will be overlapping but not identical. On this website we will be able to post prose and longer poetic works, whereas the magazine will still be limited, for the most part, to shorter poems and the occasional brief prose work. Every previously-unpublished poem that appears on the website will eventually find its way into the magazine. However, on the website we will also post poems that have been published before in print magazines, and not all of these will be republished.

Each of the two formats has, we believe, its valid function. We aim here to offer some weekly if not daily refreshment, and provide space for more of an ongoing dialogue. This is not a "blog," as we do not have time to monitor talkbacks, but in-depth responses are invited and will be published. (A message form is provided on our Contact Us page.) Periodically we will gather material from the site and assemble it offline – as always, in an arrangement designed to foster awareness of the connections among poems, best read in a "Sabbath space" for contemplation and reflection.

We hope you will enjoy both formats, and look forward to your contributions and responses.