(Concerning haikus, there is a difference opinion between the Editor-in-Chief and the Associate Editor for Israel. The AEFI likes them; the EIC thinks that perhaps the form works better in Japanese. But a few came in, too late for the magazine, and spring is after all the season for haiku (cherry blossom viewing and all that), which is maybe why the form seems to be catching. Even the EIC found a couple of haiku-like things under her hat, and of course the AEFI came up with a few. So here's a bunch of haiku. If anyone else cares to give a chirp, additions will be considered.--EIC)


Under tall trees

Sunlight between leaves
A raccoon licks his black nose
and begs for more food

Wabash St.

Above subway roars
A blind man plays silver strings
to a concrete world

Hiroshima B

The August sun burns
Strange shadows on the scorched earth
Your bones, love, and mine



The bit of wine drunk
fast fast went up to my head
and I remembered.

God Hears

Little telephone
know as you talk to the world,
remember, God hears.

Not Alone

I sit in the room
alone but for God somewhere,
thus will come the end.

A Green Apple

If a green apple
means so much to the hungry
do not be surprised

Love Song Fest

As birds chirp away
I tell my wife I love you
with a love song fest.


Just for a ray of sunlight on stone stairs
Gratitude came upon me unawares.

First bite of shesseq:
shehechiyanu to days
of golden nectar.


Three Haikus: Jerusalem

Arches and alleys
Stone walls' ancient pink beauty
Palace of the King

But its just a wall
The cynics and critics say
Yet, what do they know?

With ears that dont hear
And eyes that will never see
They are as dreamers.


All we need is One
When we all come together
Welcome Mashiach.

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