Yocheved Zemel

Greeting the Day in Covid-19 Time


The sun is hidden behind a ribbon of fuchsia and grey haze

The day beckons

The virus threatens

And we pray


We pray for health, life and wealth

      We pray for those we love

      for beauty and ease

      for the whole world


We never know

If the friend we visit will have the plague

    if the store we frequent is a den of virus

    if our kin and comrades will survive


Still we venture out, take our chances, lead our lives.

It requires bravery to welcome the day despite our fears.

It takes courage to rejoice in times of Covid-19


But courage we have, and resolve

   to gather via zoom

        send love via email

        celebrate holidays, birthdays and occasions virtually

        welcome our loved ones in our hearts.

Not to despair.


Remember Jacob whose brother, Esav, came to meet him 

     armed with 400 troops?

Jacob acknowledged his fear and acted

          separated himself and his family to guard them

    prayed for protection, led his entourage

    welcomed Esav with greetings and  gifts


Like Jacob we confront fear every day 

    Like Jacob, we confront our adversary

    Like him we protect ourselves, as best we can

         and our families and our friends,

    Like him, we pray

       And Like Jacob we fight our fright and rise above it.

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