Esther Cameron

The shofar's put away.  The lulav rests.
To David's word of light* we have bade farewell.
The seven, or more this year, who were our guests
Have gone back to the heavens where they dwell.
For the Torah scrolls, another year must run
Till their next dance with us; and sealed and stored
The note of what reprieves and boons we won
When pardon, safety, bounty we implored.
But we have heard the shofar's piercing cry
And felt (through chill) the sukkah's warm embrace;
Aloud we have proclaimed G-d's sovereignty,
Our hearts have lifted with our dancers' grace.
We know: for these we live, whatever this year
May bring,  G-d is our light, we shall not fear.

*Psalm 27, recited daily throughout the holiday season.  "The seven" -- the "seven shepherds" of Israel, said to be present as guests in the sukkah.