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10 Adar 5778/February 25, 2018

Dear friend and fellow-poets,
                                             Our new issue,
is now online.
                       Our theme this time is "flight"—
a word that can be taken in several directions,
as Lois Greene Stone spelled out in a poem
responding to our call:

             A Kite Also Flies

    Flight, to one persecuted, presents
    a picture of running to find safety.
    Leather luggage hauled in one arm
    containing handed-down Judaica
    and barely enough needs fit into
    one suitcase. Safety is the goal.
    Freedom an illusion but hoped for.

    Flight, to a traveler, sees a sleek plane
    with tiny windows and landing fields.
    Confident the metal ‘bird’ will take off
    and land, destination generally produces
    positive feelings.

    Flight, in a home or building, brings
    staircase and counting steps or noticing
    the material of the bannister: wood, metal.
    The young jump the distance between
    two steps; the aged behold a challenge.

    Outer space orbit, birds in v-formation
    going south to escape the winter’s cold,
    the path of the projectile in a game of darts
    or bow and arrow used in summer camp,
    one word conjures up anxiety-fleeing,
    through gleeful anticipation of arriving
    at a location quickly. Perhaps our lives
    are both situations not within our control
    and our ability to adapt and accept.
    Long ago there was a song titled
    “Fly Me To The Moon”; we’ve done that!

The poems we received exploring these
various directions form the bulk
of this our present offering.
                                                  In launching
the issue, various associations
float up. A song remembered from the 'sixties:
    "Stop complaining, said the farmer,
    Who told you a calf to be?
    Why don't you have wings to fly with
    Like the swallow so proud and free?"
I always thought that hard on the poor calf,
who was not conscious he had had a choice...
"Anthropos Apteros," as Auden noted
in his poem "The Labyrinth," is not a bird.
And yet even from the ground we can conceive of
a "greater mind that sees through all at once,
that sees the pattern from above, discerns
the path that leads out of the death-locked maze"
(yours truly, in The Consciousness of Earth)
and try to lift ourselves and others toward it...
We hope you'll find this issue elevating
and may that in us which still seeks to lift us
over the thicket of predicaments
that calls itself reality, soon
                                                   take off!
With wishes for a happy spring

Mindy (the theme was her idea) adds:

Flight is life
For who are we when
We do not soar?
Mere caterpillars waiting
to spin and be re-born.

                      Esther Cameron, Editor-in Chief
                      Mindy Aber Barad, Co-Editor for Israel


P.S.  If further flights should be inspired

by what the issue holds, it's possible

that a "flight supplement" may yet be posted

on our homepage.  Also, next issue's theme

will be Utopia! We hope to start

boarding after the holidays next fall.