Yshai Amichai with Esther Cameron


This refuge for Jews in peril,
to which they streamed from the dark crevices of Eastern Europe,
to which they fled from the infernos of the Holocaust--
from all the lands of their torment
a bright pasture beckoned them to emerge.
But to the Jews of the lands of comfort and affluence
the vision of the Land seemed an empty dream.
Dammed up in distant and vast lakes of still waters,
the stream of their coming up was but a trickle
that had to be beckoned along the way
and pushed forward at every bend,
that flowed backwards and had to be pumped up again,
that stood still content to remain in puddles along the way.
May that channel mired in hopelessness
be swiftly inundated with overflowing streams of hope!
Streams and rivers of Jews flowing upwards into Israel,
sprouting life and vitality in all parts of God's Land.
Abundant waters of redemption
bringing praise of God to Zion
being blessed from His Holy Abode
for a momentous success in the Land of His Dominion!

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