Evelyn Haies

The Rachel Song

Sing for Ima Rachel
Sing with gladness
O Hashem
Sing with seichel*                          
*reason, sense
Sing against sadness
No more tears
Sing the prayers
Sing to return
Sing with yearning
Sing on returning
to HASHEM'S borders
on following HIS orders
v shavu banim ligvulam*                
*and your children will return to their borders
v shavu banim ligvulam

Sing for Ima Rachel
Sing for righteousness
for truth
for justice
with weeping
for keeping.
Gather the scattered
Cure the shattered.
Sing joyously
Gladden them in their place of grief.
Sing for relief.

As Rachel weeps for her children
No more tears
No more tears
Return from the enemies land
Run from the enemies hand
Run from the evil planned
Run from the cheat, the deceit
the repeat, the worst, the devil
Return with tehillim
with prayer
return and care.
Let there be goodness
Return for rewards
Without regret

Sing the words of Hashem
No more tears
Sing for Rachel Imeimu
Return from the haters
the liars
the defilers
Return to HIS borders
Follow HIS orders
the law and the land
Return. Return .Return
Sing to Ima Rachel
No more tears.
Holy prayers.
Sing for her children
to the blessed
for righteousness truth, justice mindfulness,
Sing with joy
Return from
Return to
the holy land
our borders
our holy Torah,
its orders
Sing. Sing. Sing
V Shavu Banim ligvulam
V Shavu Banim ligvulam....

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