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The Deronda Review is primarily a poetry magazine, but we are also open to short fiction, essay, and memoir. For the magazine itself, prose submissions should be a maximum of 500 words. However, longer prose works may be published on our homepage. Poetry submissions should consist of up to five poems, either in ONE Word document or in the body of the email. Only works with special graphic requirements should be sent in a .pdf. We are open to reprints and simultaneous submissions; if your submission is simultaneous, please tell us so. We recommend that  you read an issue (see "Archives" section), and consider our statement on the aims and character of the magazine, here.

We publish one issue annually.  Our present reading period is from May 15 to July 15, 2024.  Send to Esther Cameron, derondareview at g mail, or to Mindy Aber Barad, maber4kids at yahoo period com. 

For the 2024 issue,  our main theme will be Trust.  As we wrote in our email calling for submissions:

 Our theme
This time is “trust,” and what we have in mind
Is chiefly trust among us, fellow-humans.
We know, of course, that some cannot be trusted,
That there are various forces in this world
Which are not friendly, of which we must beware;
And that in order to get out of bed
Each morning, it is helpful if we hold
Some trust, that in the end all will be well
That there’s a Power which plans all for good.
But to perceive where trust is possible
Amid the thickets of our human plane,
To set one’s foot upon a bridge that’s offered
Which may conduct us toward a distant safety –
That is an art perhaps too little studied.

For modern life has trained us to rely
Less upon one another than on systems
In which we find our places, hopefully
By merit and desert, according to
Inalienable rights. We trust they work
For good, that justice can be found within them,
And where such trust is not betrayed too often,
The people are well governed, and are happy.
But where, through machinations of the strong
Or working of impersonal forces guided
By laws not moral, but mechanical,
The systems seem to turn against the beings
By and for whom they were at first designed,
Then it is well if those who can be trusted
Can find each other and make common cause
To rectify the system, or at least
Endure, outlast the evils of its breakage.
On this we have long thought, nor is such thinking
Original with us; see, on our homepage,
The document “Intelligent Community,”
Which brings some old advice to present times.

We hope these thoughts inspire or bring to mind
Poems of yours. As always, we are open
Also to poems on our previous themes –
“The Soul, “Building,” “Utopia,” are all
Closely related – and to celebrations
Of seasons of the earth and of our lives.
And poems relating to the situation
We face here, still are welcome; we’ll continue
To post them on our homepage, and may also
Include some in the magazine itself.

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