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The Deronda Review is primarily a poetry magazine, but we are also open to short fiction, essay, and memoir. For the magazine itself, prose submissions should be a maximum of 500 words. However, longer prose works may be published on our homepage. Poetry submissions should consist of up to five poems, either in ONE Word document or in the body of the email. Only works with special graphic requirements should be sent in a .pdf. We are open to reprints and simultaneous submissions; if your submission is simultaneous, please tell us so. We recommend that  you read an issue (see "Archives" section), and consider our statement on the aims and character of the magazine, here.

We publish one issue annually.  Our present reading period is from April 16 to June 30, 2023.  Send to Esther Cameron, derondareview at g mail, or to Mindy Aber Barad Golembo, maber4kids at yahoo period com. 

For the 2023 issue, we will still be interested in poems written in response to other poems (as in the 2022 issue).  Our main theme this time will be The Soul.  As we wrote in our email calling for submissions:

 We are asking for poems about The Soul – its nature, its existence, and the ways that it is sensed – a theme somewhat anachronistic, yet, precisely for that reason, somewhat urgent.  We’re being told about the feats of robots mimicking human thought.  They even write poems, of a sort.  No doubt they’ll soon get better. They may grow “sentient,” if not so already. At almost every task they will surpass us;  Name something they can’t do today – they’ll do it tomorrow – if not to our satisfaction (who really loves a phone-tree), still with such, efficiency, from profit’s point of view,

As prices comfort from the marketplace.  -- Not that a poem always has to speak about the soul directly; just that in a poem worthy of the name, the world is seen through the soul’s eyes, and we are thus reminded of ourselves. Our magazine has always looked for poems that perform this service; but this time, as said, we wish to bring the subject up explicitly.

As a stimulus, we’ve posted on the site a poem by Simon Halkin, from the Hebrew – “Among the Rocks.”  Translated in the ‘80’s, tt was submitted to a magazine in whose pages lately had appeared a poem by Halkin of a similar length, but this one was declined, on grounds its subject – the soul – is now “impossible.”  However, In poetry a thing is possible as long as there are those who say it is. And so we urge you: read “Among the Rocks,”vsee if it brings to mind some words of yours,vwhether old or new, and send these words our way.  In hopes that from the sleep of the machin humans may once more waken to themselves...

In addition, poems about the seasons are always welcome.

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