Connie S. Tettenborn


Purposeful Pursuit

It seems a poem with a rhyme 

can stay with you all day, 

while sunshine melts the frosty rime

and chill of night away.


A meter beating with a time 

that lingers like a song

remains with you like sage and thyme 

upon a hungry tongue. 


And so I shall attempt to write

what comes, what goes, what stays–

perhaps I can turn wrong to right 

before the fabric frays.


Alliterate the words in queues;

their consonants await

the call of commandeering cues

to crash and congregate.


Evoke an image with a line;

Sail memories to shore.

Intense emotions may align–

I cannot ask for more.


Explore my thoughts, not mine alone–

We share a common thread.

Humanity may need a loan

to face our common dread.


Find meaning there behind a veil

of metaphor, yet clear,

or else I write to no avail 

and cannot draw you near.


I aim to set within my tale

a word of hope to show

that if you search from head to tail,

connectedness may grow.