The Deronda Review

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Vol. VIII No. 1 2019

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Yoram Raanan, Jerusalem Inside, oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm (2017) (commentary below)

In this,


I. Seasoned

Ruth Gilead, Ilene Millman, Constance Rowell Mastores, Susan Oleferuk, Wally Swist, Vera Schwarcz, Judy Belsky

II. Waiting for Morning

Cynthia Weber Nankee, Sarah Shapiro, Anna Banasiak, Rumi Morkin, Tony Reevy, Mindy Aber Barad, Michael E. Stone, Constance Rowell Mastores, Tirtsa Posklinsky-Shehory, Duane L. Herrmann, Ronny Someck, Ed Meek, Susan Oleferuk, Ruth Gilead, Ann Christine Tabaka, Shefi Rosenzweig, Katherine L. Burkman, Heather Gelb, Yudit Shahar, Marianne Lyon, Erez Biton

III. Panorama

Ilene Millman, Adam Fisher, Elhanan Ben-Avraham, Wendy Dickstein, Joseph Brush, John B. Lee, Bryan Nichols, Felice Miryam Kahn Zisken, Yaacov David Shulman, Constance Rowell Mastores, Mindy Aber Barad, David Weiser, Larry Lefkowitz

IV.Seeing In

Michael  E. Stone, Imri Perel, Judy Belsky, James B. Nicola, Tirtsa Posklinsky-Shehory, E.M. Schorb, Yakov Azriel, Yocheved Miram Zemel, Felice Miryam Kahn-Zisken Vera Schwarcz, Esther Halpern

V. As Part of Something More

Ruth Gilead, Lois Greene Stone, Judy Koren, Sabina Messseg, Roger Singer, James B. Nicola, Alan Basting, Duane L. Herrmann, Reuven Goldfarb, Susan Oleferuk, Irene Mitchell, Amichai Chasson, Douglas MacDonald, Tirtsa Polsklinsky-Shehory, Ed Meek, Rachelly Abraham-Eitan, Yakov Azriel, Frank DeCanio, Mindy Aber Barad, Netalie Braun, Esther Cameron, Sara DeBeer

VI New Places

Florence Weinberger, Hayim Abramson, Kelley Jean White, Admiel Kosman, Erika Zeisel, Reuven Goldfarb, Efrat Bigman, Ruth Fogelman, Roberta Chester, Nitsa Dori, Amichai Chasson, Vera Zubarev, Dina Yehuda, Esther Cameron, Ricky Yuval, Leah Gottesman, Zev Davis







In the third millennium they will take ship:

Millions of leaves

And a great calm


And a peach will open its heart

And its knobby kernel

Will be a crystal of love

A treasury of magnetic resonances

From the great sphere


In the third millennium the cypresses will

roam about

An ocean floor of wheat will open up

And a green stone into whose center

The waters drip

To be poured out around us

From the place whence are waters without



Ruth Netzer


Commentary by Meira Raanan on "Jerusalem Inside":   The painting captures the golden glow of warmth, hospitality, and spirit of Jerusalem, as we witness the rebuilding of the beloved place of our dreams. The Old City is surrounded by walls that invite us to come inside – into the innermost place of light. The walls look like Torah scrolls and ornaments, as the words of  Torah echo once again from Zion. The candles in the sky, like sparks of holiness, ascend from Jerusalem but also descend from heaven. Jerusalem, our innermost sanctuary, is the gateway to heaven.Meira Raanan

Editor: Esther Cameron., Co-editor: Mindy Aber Barad, POB 6709, Efrat.



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In the Garden of Eden

time stands still.

The realm of the external blends

into the realm of the internal

with ease.

All is calm in the Universe

All is One.


In the Garden of Eden

time stands still.

The domain of the transient merges

into the domain of the permanent

with harmony.

All is tranquil in the Universe

All is one with G-d.


In the Garden of Eden

time stands still.

The world of the material unites

into the world of the spiritual

with peace.

All is serene in the Universe

All is one with G-d Who is One.

—Simcha Angel

Yoram Raanan, Lyrical Gan Eden, 2017, 60 X 80 cm

Cool, soothing blues and greens, contrasting with creamy yellows and pink, convey a sense of purity and simplicity, energy and vitality, and hint at a luscious verdant garden with life-giving water, a place of perception and enjoyment of light. –Meira Raanan