The Deronda Review    a magazine of poetry and thought     Vol. IX No. 1 2021



Who will give me the price of the soul

strip it of its specifics one by one

merchandise spread out in the doorways of the rich


Who will give me the price, at all,

in times of depression like these

Perhaps it's better not to announce the prices

not to quote numbers


Perhaps it's better to come one

by one to the center of a traffic island

in the tumult of the days

Amichai Chasson

tr. Esther Cameron


In this issue


I. What Has Been Given 

David Holper, Lionel Willis, Susan Oleferuk, Tziporah Faiga Lifshitz, Lois Michal Unger, Bill Culota, Wally Swist, Michael Diamond

II. Tabernacle of Life 

Brenda Appelbaum-Golani, Allison Whittenberg, Tony Reevy, Judy Belsky, Chana Cromer, Michael Lee Johnson, Hamutal Bar-Yosef, Adrienne N. Wartts, Mel Goldberg, Michael Salcman, Doug Bolling, Robert Phillips, Constance Rowell Mastores

III. Soul's Eye  

David K. Weiser, Michael E. Stone, Marianne Lyon, Hayim Abramson, Tziporah Faiga Lifshitz, Shmuel Warhaftig, Norma Felsenthal Gerber, Batsheva Wiesner, Simcha Angel, Changming Yuan

IV. The Blink of an Eye 

Lionel Willis, Michael Salcman, Henry Summerfield, Paul Hostovsky, Florence Weinberger, Edythe Haendel-Schwartz, Amichai Chasson, Tirtsa Posklinsky-Shehori, Imri Perel, Katharyn Howd Machan

V. The Poem and Its Story  

Roberta Chester, Ed Bearden, Joan Netta Burstyn, Irene Mitchell, Amichai Chasson, Rebecca T. Dickinson, Sarale Farkas, James McGrath, Esther Cameron, Judy Koren

VI. Numbers

Roberta Chester, Henry Summerfield, Ruth Fogelman, Rick Kempa, Lois Greene Stone, Adrienne N. Wartts, Jane Blanchard, Connie S. Tettenborn, Vera Schwarcz, Vincent J. Tomeo, Mindy Aber Barad Golembo, Yakov Azriel, Esther Cameron, Rumi Morkin, Ivars Balkits, George W. Clever, Joanne Jagoda, Michael E. Stone, James B. Nicola, Doug Bolling, Constance Rowell Mastores, Heather Dubrow, Wally Swist, Shmuel Warhaftig

VII. Where the People Have Gone

Reizel Polak, Amichai Chasson, David K. Weiser, Changming Yuan, Chaim-Meyer Scheff, Roberta Chester, Sivan Har-Shefi, Felice Kahn Zisken

VIII. What If That Ram   

Florence Weinberger, Sara Friedland Ben-Arza, Hava Pinhas-Cohen, Miriam Aroner, Yakov Azriel


Chana Cromer, detail from “White on White”, 2012, 80 x 110 cm, painting on silk shantung

“I got a telephone in my bosom and I can call him up from my heart.” From “Freedom” by Richie Havens




Editor: Esther Cameron., derondareview at g mail. Co-editor: Mindy Aber Barad, POB 6709, Efrat.



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What’s missing in Zoom

“the sound of your skin” *
The depth of your chin

The breeze of your hair
The squeak of your chair

The taste of your words
The heart has not heard

 – Chana Cromer

*this line is borrowed from graffiti on a wall in a local park




Chana Cromer, Struggled/Dust, 1999, 30 x 40 cm

Gouache, petals and plaster on paper