The Deronda Review

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Vol. VI No. 2 2016

Kingdom in Kingdom

The air is mild, the sky finally black

       enough for glitter.


A hesitant streetlamp comes on just

       as I step

into its orange jurisdiction out from

       under a tree,


a sudden glow then I’m past; the now

       orange pavement

textured in living shadows—prehistoric



new-hatched, stretch from the pebbly


and ruler-mark the sidewalk into


in their image, the extending striated shell.


We are the ancient ones and young.


We are at the beginning of time now, our


winks at the gazer of a million years


I am the ancestor of your history.


From the edge through the unlit distance

of dust and gravel hills, drying shrub and



unseeded into air, the eye travels

to the only far structure, wreathed in a

      string of bulbs

for the festival—near the top, a pattern

of regular segments lit as 6 and 6

and a star, steady, pointing in six



It only marks a year. It’s formed for others.


Such a small number. Such a bright star.


                                     —Courtney Druz


City Hall, Maale Adumim


In This Issue:


           I. The Heartbeat of the Earth

          II. Learn This Universe

         III. Intersecting

         IV. Each Word Weighs

         V. Dark Wings

        VI. Not on the News

       VII. Orders to Live





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Editor: Esther Cameron., Co-editor for Israel: Mindy Aber Barad, POB 1299, Efrat. Hard copy $7, subscription $14, back issue $5.


Since its inception as The Neovictorian/Cochlea in 1996, The Deronda Review has included a Contributors' Exchange of addresses (surface, email, URL) and available books. Contributors' Exchange is now a separate .html file, and includes contributors from vol. 5 no. 1 on.


Sue Tourkin-Komet’s “I Didn’t Want to Grapple” was first published in Poetica Magazine.


ON LENGTH OF DAYS                                       


Words fall on me

on length of days

with the same pulse

of verse as on my kayak

rolling on the bluest sea

on unexpected hours

or trekking over back roads

watching cardinals sing

over Jacob's ladders

in an open language

of seasonal herons

climbing on mountains

a woman in red high heels

tells me she has lost

her tourist visa and passport

on the last ship at eventide

holds my matches

on the sandy coast

for a neon campfire

near my hammock

out in the neighborhood

under the town's light

hearing my sax

in the white deserted sand

my words wash over you

with a butterfly net

at the freshly painted gazebo

by the lighthouse luminosity

in wonder of woodwinds

over blanket quilts of love

picking you up

on my peace arm band.

                                         —B.Z. Niditch


IT IS TIME TO CONSIDER                      

It is time to consider
how Domenico Scarlatti
condensed so much music
into a few bars
with never a crabbed turn
or congested cadence,
never a boast or see-here;
and stars and lakes
echo him and the coppice
drums out his measure,
snow peaks are lifted up
in moonlight and twilight.
The sun rises
on an acknowledged land.
                                          —Constance Rowell Mastores










Shvil HaKronit (The Wagon Path), Nachalim, Maale Adumim

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