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The Deronda Review

a magazine of poetry and thought

Vol. VI No. 1 2015


"And I come to Your altar, with joy and gladness, I praise You with my harp" (Ps 43:4)

I'm safe
now. The walls
around me, quiet,
a space filled with vision and love

The heavens
reign down upon me here.
It feels good to contemplate
the words

that flow
from inside,
what you placed there when
I arrived here, and I cried out . . .
It's time

to start
and it's hard
at first. Beginnings
nothing that you expected, and

I learn
the venues,
where my feet take me
stepping carefully, and I know
the way

to find
You, to get
to the gates, enter,
let my voice burst forth, my heart
run free.

          –Zev Davis

The Reclamation of Malchut By Finding One’s Own Note. Painting by Nechama Sarah G. Nadborny, from The Twelve Dimensions of Israel

In This Issue
   I. The Constancy of Renewal
   II. Elements of Wonder
   III. Tree Rings
      In Memoriam: Ruth Blumert, Jack Lovejoy
  IV. Meant to Heal
   V. Nowhere Else to Build
   VI. White Spaces    

                    Afterword: Ladder and Quilt


THE DERONDA REVIEW: Editor: Esther Cameron., Co-editor for Israel: Mindy Aber Barad, POB 1299, Efrat. Hard copy $7, subscription $14, back issue $5.


Hayim Abramson   Yakov Azriel  Mindy Aber Barad   Hamutal Bar-Yosef  I. Batsheva   Gershon ben Avraham    Tamar Biton  Ruth Blumert    Doug Bolling    Nechama Sarah G. Nadborny-Burgeman    Eric Chevlen    Iris Eliya Cohen    Zev Davis    Robert Glen Deamer    Courtney Druz    Esther Fein    Ruth Fogelman    Ray Gallucci    Yaffa Ganz    Lee Goldstein    Leah LJ Gottesman    Dina Grutzendler    Evelyn Hayes    Elyakim Hirschfeld    Friedrich Hölderlin    Judith Issroff    Gretti Izak    E. Kam-Ron    Miriam Kitrossky    Sue Tourkin Komet    Don Kristt    Gila Landman    Pamela Laskin    David Lawrence    Jack Lovejoy   Constance Rowell Mastores   JB Mulligan    Cynthia Weber Nankee    Kjell Nykvist   Susan Oleferuk    David Olsen    Anda Petersen    Ellen Powers   Haim Schneider    Vera Schwarcz    Steven Shields   Jakob Stein    Lois Greene Stone   Michael E. Stone   Shira Twersky-Cassel   Virginia Wyler   Michal Zacut


Since its inception as The Neovictorian/Cochlea in 1996, The Deronda Review has included a Contributors' Exchange of addresses (surface, email, URL) and available books. Contributors' Exchange is now a separate .html file, and includes contributors from vol. 5 no. 1 on.


Shira Twersky-Cassel’s “Autumn” and “The Language of Longing” are from her book Legends of Wandering and Return. Courtney Druz’s “The Thought Cloud Stair” is from her book The Light and The Light. Haim Schneider’s “Old Man on His Last Legs” is from his book Betrachtungen/Reflections: Zweisprachige Gedichte für nachdenkliche Leute/Bilingual Poems for Pensive People.


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