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The Deronda Review, vol. X no. 1 (2023) may be read or downloaded in .pdf format here or in .html format here!

 Watch: Fires of Destruction and Creation:  Poetry and the Paintings of Yoram Raanan

Articles & Epics

Among the Rocks, by Simon Halkin

Intelligent Community, a commentary on Sayings of the Fathers for the 21st Century

Ushpizin for Chanukah, by Esther Cameron

The Brokenness of the World, and Poetry: a Letter, by Esther Cameron

Shutterstock Overture: Art and Music of Hillel Glueck

Against the Dark Lord: Poems for Two Cities, 2001-2002, by Esther Cameron

The Repair of Midnight, by Michael Diamond

Mathematical Poems, by Marion Deutsche Cohen

Proclamation from the Palace Balcony, by Esther Cameron

Danger at the Seder Table, by Michael S. Diamond

Binah and the Time of Our Freedom, by Esther Cameron

A Little Geula Game, by Esther Cameron

Tamima and the Lizard Queen, by Esther Cameron

The Infected City, by Esther Cameron

Letter to the Youth of America

The Consciousness of Earth, an epic poem, and a letter for the 50th Earth Day concerning the same

49 Stitches (מ"ט תפרים), a cycle of poems for the Counting of the Omer, by Esther Cameron

Bird Yearning: Shira Twersky-Cassel z"l, a Retrospect

Zev Davis z"l, a Retrospect

King David's Wives, by Yakov Azriel

Purim and Persuasion, by Julie Rosenzweig

Oxford and Hi-Tech, a poetic meditation on the implications of artificial intelligence, by Esther Cameron

Enigmatic Interior: Art and Music of Hillel Glueck (video)

"Traces of Transcience: In Memoriam Gretti Izak," by Judith Issroff

Gretti Izak: A Retrospect

Sue Tourkin Komet: A Retrospect

Poets Remember Gretti

Reizel Polak's In a Land of Rocks & Hills, and, Wherefore, Endless Agitation:
a poem \ essay

The Poet and Time: a supplement to the Providence/"coincidence" issue

From Middlemarch to Daniel Deronda. George Eliot's social vision, and why her last hero had to be Jewish.

Nature and Circumstances, or Limited Goods: A Rereading of Mansfield Park.  A look into the depths of Jane Austen's most introspective novel, which still has social relevance.

The Street of Nathan the Wise examines an eighteenth-century German play that still explains a lot about the situation of the Western world, and of Judaism within it.

Ruth Blumert: A Retrospect

Epistle to ISIS, by Sivan Har-Shefi, is posted here.

"Reeds of Cane," "Moses and the Angel of Death" and "The White Bird": three mini-epics by Jack Lovejoy

Our Prayers for Israel: poems written during and after Pillar of Defense

The Land, The People: poems from the struggle for Judea and Samaria

"Poetry and Teshuva [The Return]," a short short essay on the meta-physics of our calling

Encouragement: teachings of HaRav Kook, translated by Yaacov Dovid Shulman

The Street of Nathan the Wise examines a play that, though almost forgotten, still explains a lot about the situation of Judaism in the Western world.

Ninth of Av: A Midnight Vigil, by Yitzchak ben Yehudah

Eric Chevlen's Triple Crown:  A sketch, an excerpt and a link


The King of the Class:  An Interview with Gila Green

In Precious Little Babies: Lessons from Family Court, Judge Richard Ross reflects on the situations he's seen and on the process of judging.  All installments are now posted (1/29/2011)

Shorter Poems

Updated: Poems for Israel, October 2023

Hanuka Lights, by Ruth Fogelman

After Moshe Ibn Ezra, translation by DB Jonas

A Psalm of Aliyah, by Yshai Amichai with Esther Cameron

The Rachel Song, by Evelyn Haies

Greeting the Day in Covid-19 Time, by Yocheved Zemel

Three Poems by Michael Diamond

Tears for Meron, poems by Ruth Fogelman, Mindy Aber Barad, Hayim Abramson, others...

Two Poems by Constance Rowell Mastores

Four Poems by Ruth Netzer

Poems for Jerusalem Day 2020, by Ruth Fogelman

Poems Bright and Darker, by David K. Weiser

"Holocaust Day 2020," by Esther Halpern

"Purposeful Pursuit," by Connie S. Tettenborn

"From the Window on the Bus: Reflections on the Collective Unconsciousness," by Roberta Chester

New: Man, Earth and Tree in the Emerging City, by Rachelly Eitan-Avraham

New: Almost Shabbat: three poems by Felice Miryam Kahn Zisken

New: "Halacha -- She Is the Torah's Technology," by Chaim Scheff

New: Two Poems by George Payne

"Bright Star (To John Keats)" and "Nine Ways of Looking at a Pomegranate" by Roberta Chester

"Desert and Rebirth" by Yocheved Zemel

"Beautiful, Terrible" and "Fragile Castle" by Paul Fuller

"To Primo Levi" (complete) by Tsippy Levin Byron

"Free Falling Granny" (complete) by Birgit Talmon

"What We Flee With," by Judy Belsky

"The Divine Symphony" and "Beethoven," by Shira Twersky-Cassel

"I Woke Up Crying This Morning," by Judith Reishtein

 "Issru Chag: After the Holiday Season," by Esther Cameron

From a Friend in India:  Two Poems by U Atreya Sarma

"20/20 Hindsight," by Connie S. Tettenborn

In Between: A Few Haiku

from Jerusalem, by Jakob Stein

The Inner Front: poems from the summer of 2014


"The Shofar Sounds at Kever Rachel Imeinu," by Evelyn Haies

"Grandmother's Text," by Judy Belsky

"Alone," by Yishai Beckow

Shabbat in Jerusalem, by Beverly Mach Geller  

Jerusalem, by Hayim Abramson

The Baal-Teshuvah, by Yakov Azriel

Mss. Shylock's House: Under New Management, by Gerard Sarnat

Two Sonnets on the Deronda Review by Dobra Levitt

Poetry as Question, by J.E. Bennett

A New Light, Like Flowers, by Eugene Narrett

The Parable of the Phoenix, by Yakov Azriel

The Willingness is All, by Richard Ross

GUT Check, by Richard Ross



                a   o

             h        m


A poem by Rivkah Pontos, after the earthquake in Haiti


A poem from that similar moment in 2005

Reviews and Notices


David Weiser's new collection of poems, Ladders II, may be purchased here.


Hamutal Bar-Yosef's book of two novellas, I Found Him on the Internet, may now be found on the Internet, here.


David Lawrence's The Interrupted Sky, a book of poems about the 9/11 attack, published by, is available on Amazon, here

The complete annotated text of Eric Chevlen's Triple Crown, the only triple heroic crown in the English language, is now available on its own website,

Vincent J. Tomeo's book My Cemetery Friends is now available from Atmosphere Press.  More about the book and its author here. 

Zvi Faier z"l's Movements in a Dance: A Fresh Approach to Knowing is available here. Another chance to connect with this rare mind and spirit.

Yoram Raanan's Art of Revelation, a stunning album of paintings on the weekly Torah portion, is available here.

The Complete Works of Esther Cameron in six volumes (Collected Poems, The Time of the Other, Soul's Evidence, The Web of What Is Written, A Handbook of Macropoetics, and The Consciousness of Earth) are available on Amazon.  Thoughts on publishing a Complete Works

Yaacov David Shulman's two books of poems inspired by passages from HaRav Kook, Airport Lights and Backstage Lights, are available on Amazon.

Ruth Fogelman's latest book, Leaving the Garden, is available on Amazon.

A review of Yoram Hazony's book God and Politics in Esther--a thought-provoking book for all seasons--is posted on Amazon here.

Esther Cameron's book on Paul Celan is now in print; information here.

Shira Twersky-Cassel's fourth book of poetry, Legends of Wandering and Return, has been published by Sifrei Bitzaron.  Information on the book, with excerpts, may be found at

Mindy Aber Barad's first book of poetry, The Land That Fills My Dreams, has been published by Sifrei Bitzaron.  See the front and back cover and sample poems here!

Constance Rowell Mastores' A Deep and Dazzling Darkness has been published by Blue Light Press.  See Amazon reviews here.

To many members of the DR circle, Rabbi Dr. Zvi Faier zts"l has been a dear friend and a powerful source of inspiration.  Dr. Faier's book A Day Is a Thousand Years has now appeared in print, offering all of us the chance to continue the conversation.  Our review may be found here.

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Review of Where There Are No Men
by Moshe Feiglin

Slide show of Sue Tourkin-Komet's fantastic Model Sukkah



Illustration: Lighthouse, by Irene Frenkel. Drawing (16" X 12", pencil and coffee stain), circa 2000.